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Booking travel can be confusing and complicated – especially for those who are not familiar with the process. It can be difficult to make arrangements for members of different departments with conflicting schedules. When Partners Travel Management handles the booking process, we remove the burden and deliver a seamless experience.


Academic Travel Management

  • Management and fulfillment of institutional air, hotel and car contracts

  • Academic travel policy development and implementation

  • SAP Concur online booking tool development, implementation and management

  • Travel rewards and points program management

  • Institutional Duty of Care program development and monitoring

  • Group travel services (air, rail, hotel and bus services)

  • Institution guest travel management

  • Event and conference travel management

  • Credit card management

  • VIP travel services for academic leadership and faculty


Post-Ticketing Quality Control

  • Electronic itinerary and travel document delivery

  • Passenger seat monitoring

  • Next-day fare check

  • En route travel monitoring

  • Unused ticket tracking and auditing

  • Past-date hotel and car rental receipt recovery

  • 24/7 Travel Assistance


Academic Travel Reports

  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly travel reports

  • Tracking of air, car rental, hotel and ancillary expenses

  • Cost savings, account coding and organizational classification reporting

  • Expense reporting and integration​



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