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SAP Concur simplifies the corporate travel booking process.


Regardless of your company’s size, it gives you the power to optimize your organization’s travel spend and allows your employees to make their preferred travel choices. One easy-to-use online booking tool does it all … while helping your employees stay within policy. We implement and manage the site, handle back-office administration, and provide user technical support.


SAP Concur is a cost-effective solution to your organization’s online travel needs and simplifies the travel booking process while keeping expenses under control. It offers scalable technology that is quick to implement and can grow with any organization.


Access your company SAP Concur site: SAP CONCUR LOGIN



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  • Cost-effective, scalable technology

  • Development and site-set up, testing and organization implementation

  • Seamless integration with enterprise accounting and expense packages

  • Employee and user training and integration



  • Online booking tool management and maintenance

  • Travel policy development, monitoring, enforcement and reporting

  • Ticketing and travel reservations fulfillment

  • Employee travel monitoring and reporting



  • SAP Concur administrator and support services

  • Live training and support

  • After-hours emergency travel services


Our comprehensive suite of services is customized to provide our clients with a versatile and well-balanced travel management program.




Does your company already use SAP Concur?


Partners Travel Management can be your SAP Concur travel administrator and fulfillment partner as well, offering:


  • Agency transitions and migration

  • Site management

  • Supplier and contract integration

  • Ticketing and fulfillment

  • User training and support

  • Self-service help desk

  • 24/7 Travel Assistance

  • Reporting and auditing


Contact us today for a comprehensive review of SAP Concur and how it can complement your organization’s travel and expense management programs.


Partners Travel Management gives all clients access to our SAP Concur Service & Support Center. This support center will assist users with common questions and tech support issues regarding the SAP Concur booking process.  Support is available via email, phone and web chat to maximize the efficiency of this cost-effective online booking tool.  From resolving technical issues to on-demand user and administrator training, the SAP Concur Service & Support Center can help.


In addition, we offer an extensive self-service Help Desk, which is available 24/7.  The Travel Assist Help Desk is a great tool for answers to common questions, and it also provides SAP Concur users with important travel information resources.


Our SAP Concur Service & Support Center assists with a full range of services, including:


  • Resolving user SAP Concur booking technical issues

  • Supporting user access interface

  • Processing tickets

  • Updating traveler profiles and SAP Concur access

  • Making changes to existing travel plans

  • Canceling trips and processing refunds

  • Booking guest travelers

  • Monitoring emergencies during in-process travel

  • Travel reports and general expense questions

  • On-demand training for SAP Concur users and administrators

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