Regardless of the size of your group, Partners Travel Management brings a balanced perspective to all aspects of group travel planning, from pre- to post-event.


  • Groups of 10+ people

  • Professional and leisure group travel

  • Academic and athletic groups


Our group travel services are all-inclusive, and cover a number of critical planning, procurement and administrative tasks:



  • Flight and carrier quotes and contracts

  • Carrier financial management

  • Passenger profile management

  • Ground transportation logistics and quotes

  • Hotel, meal and guest services planning



  • Passenger manifest

  • Supplier payments

  • Carrier ticketing

  • Ticket and itinerary distribution

  • Group leader consulting

  • Pre-flight consultation


Duty of Care

  • Travel monitoring

  • 24/7 Group leader travel assistance

  • Carrier management

Post-Travel Services

  • Trip auditing

  • Expense reconciliations

  • Supplier auditing

  • Accounts receivable management



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