Due to the ever-changing landscape of natural and man-made catastrophes, locating and assisting travelers is an important function of our agency’s Duty of Care to our clients.


We constantly monitor current events, from weather disruptions to international crises, and keep a watchful eye on our passengers’ locations around the globe. Our proactive approach allows us to jump into action to rebook and care for them during these stressful times.


We also work in concert with a number of medical and security travel services that offer expanded traveler tracking and notification services.  Our service partners function as advisors for organizations needing broader global travel security consulting services.


In addition, if unforeseen circumstances require a change of plans outside of normal business hours, our 24-hour emergency travel service is ready to assist. Our after-hours agents provide diligent care and attention to detail to help travelers through any sort of travel emergency.


Our cache of monitoring, tracking and notification services includes:




SABRE SafePoint

We have partnered with SABRE Travel Network’s SafePoint system to provide real-time monitoring of traveling passengers. Through its proprietary technology, SafePoint monitors our passengers’ travel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When critical alerts come up, the system identifies, locates and alerts the passenger of current conditions.


Powered by iJet/WorldAware integrated risk management technology and intelligence, the SafePoint system provides us with live data for our team to review, analyze and act on with accurate, current information.


TripCase Connect

We already use the powerful TripCase platform for itinerary and e-invoice delivery, as well as live in-process travel notifications via the TripCase mobile app. Now, our partnership enables SafePoint to utilize the same delivery technology to locate and alert traveling passengers when global incidents and situations reach a critical level, and to allow passengers to check-in or request assistance.


Live Event Monitoring

In addition to back-office scanning and traveler analysis technology, we employ hands-on global news monitoring to augment risk management intelligence via:


  • Nearly 600 live global news sources through various mobile apps and notification services

  • Live international news sources such as CNN, BBC News, MSNBC, Bloomberg and Al Jazeera Worldwide

  • Real-time alert services powered by Google News

  • U.S. State Department alerts and notifications

  • Notifications from our long-standing partnerships with airlines


We identify potential risks, extract real-time data on traveling passengers and implement our internal notification protocols – at times, more quickly than the notification services.


Emergency Travel Service

All passengers have access to our 24-hour emergency travel service. Staffed with expert agents specially trained to deal with passenger emergency situations, this service is an after-hours lifeline for passengers in distress. Our after-hours agents provide diligent care and attention to detail to help travelers through any sort of travel emergency.


Partners Travel Management provides Duty of Care services as a standard benefit for our corporate clients free of charge.


We also offer a wide variety of optional and expanded duty of care programs through various risk management technology and intelligence service partners. Choose a program based on your organization's needs, level of risk management and compliance factors.


Duty of Care protocols, integrated services, sources and notification platforms subject to change without notice.